It's time for a Clean Start...!

Tuesday, 15. January 2013
Clean Start Range

Would you like to know more about your skin but are too scared to ask?

As Skincare Therapists we regularly get asked questions about Teen Skin & what triggers breakouts.

I thought I’d bust some of those myths!

Myth 1: Food can trigger breakouts!

False:  Many people still believe the myth that chocolate, chips and other fatty foods are causing their skin to break out.  Although this is not entirely true it is a misinterpretation.  These types of foods don’t directly cause acne but they may encourage the breeding ground for acne by increasing sebum production.

Myth 2: Blackheads are just dirt inside my pores!

False: Blackheads (comedones) are whiteheads that have changed colour through the process of oxidation.
Oxidation is merely a chemical reaction happening in your skin.  When the pore opens up, oxygen enters, causing the oil and dead skin cells within the follicle to undergo oxidation. This ultimately is the blackhead that you see on your skin.

Myth 3: Toothpaste dries out Acne!

False: Quite the contrary: Dermatologists say that heavily flavoured toothpaste, or toothpaste with high levels of fluoride, can cause breakouts to arise.  Save your toothpaste for your teeth!

There are many myths surrounding teen skin and acne so we are here to help you bust those myths!
Join us in the salon for a lesson on your skin care routine at our Skin Bar.  Every teen that visits our Skin Bar in January and February will receive a FREE Clean Start kit containing 3 products to start you on your skin care journey.

Here's to a Clean Start!


Love Nicola x


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