Meet our new Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum...!

Saturday, 31. August 2013
Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum


Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum - sensitive eye treatment
This powerful treatment fluid contains an advanced peptide known to encourage collagen-producing activities to help smooth fine lines and target the signs of aging around the delicate eye area. A fortifying blend of Brown and Red Algae and Golden Chamomile helps minimize puffiness, as Oat Kernel Extract helps soothe fragile skin. Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid optimizes hydration as our exclusive UltraCalming™ Complex helps minimize sensitivity.
How to use -
Gently apply a small amount around the eye area, working from the outer corner inward, avoiding the inside of the eye.
Quick tip -
Use morning or night under your prescribed moisturizer.  Apply before your makeup.
Make sure you try it out at our Skin Bar the next time you are in the salon.
Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum - £36.00


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